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How to create a high performance sales organization.

I think this might be one of the most interesting topics in sales management.

How do you push your team to maximize performance without killing motivation?

I think the key is to set ambitious targets for the value the team has to create and then trust the team to find the best way to reach that target.

And once you have those ambitious targets make sure to NOT set up a commission structure to measure it, unless you are aiming for demotivated sales people.

How to hack your productivity.

Being productive and making sure that the actions your spend your time on, brings you closer to your goals, I believe is a cornerstone in a fulfilling life.

In this video I talk about how you can hack your habits to make sure that they work for you and not against you.

A lot of your time is spend doing stuff that is controlled by your habits so this might be the singular most effective thing you can do to achieve greatness.

Enjoy. 🙂