Research VS. Activity

So how much time is the right amount of time to spend researching, prospects you are going to contact?

I believe researching, sorting, talking about how to contact leads is the primary reason for procrastination in sales. It seems valid that you should know who you are talking to, what books the person likes, favorite movies etc. That can be used to engage in a meaningful conversation right?

The truth it that information like that can be used, the investment in gathering it compared to contacting more prospects just doesn’t make sense.

“Is cold calling really dead?”

I think that is a very interesting question. I don’t believe it is. As a matter a fact I believe that the business benefit from doing it has vastly increased over the last 5-10 years as Social selling has increased it’s presence.

If you know what value you bring to market and what customers that should be interesting for, I think the phone is by far the most efficient tool in starting up that conversation.

What do you think?

“The no commission sales department.”

In a previous post I have talked about why I believe you can destroy the motivation of your sales department by using a commission structure.

But then what to do? The commission structure in sales, has largely been the most predominant motivator in making sales guys run faster and sell more.

In this post I talk about how you can set up your model, to support your business, while still maximizing  motivation in your team.

Why compensation models can destroy motivation

In this video I talk about the science of motivation. What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and what happens when you combine the 2.

It turns out that they way most business try to motivate their employees, is counterproductive if the goal is to have super motivated, hardworking professionals in your company.

Let me know if you disagree. 🙂

“What is your price?”

How did you come up with the pricing of your product. In most companies it is a combination of validated guessing and belief.

I believe you should set your pricing based on the problem you are solving in the market where you solution is relevant. To do that you need customer input.

In this video I talk about why it is important to actually call customers in your target market before you do any marketing or product development.

The second most important question when you do sales.

The most important question when you do sales is “why?”. This question comes in as a close second:

“What else will it take?”

I think this might be the most effective question, in driving a good sales process, where as little time as possible is spent, figuring out whether or not, you can add value to the prospects business.

You can use it to handle the no budget situation every time. 🙂

“Sorry, we have no budget”

In this post I will talk about the most feared sentence in sales, when a potential customer tells you that they do not have a budget.

Spoiler alert, they always have budget, you just haven’t convinced them to use it on you yet. 🙂

What can you do for your customers?

One of the most frequent errors we do as salespeople, is to spend time talking about all of the amazing things our company does.

The problem is that prospects doesn’t want to hear about your company and all of the amazing things you do.

Prospects only wants to hear what your company can do for them. If you consistently phrase your value so that customers understands what you can do for them, you will see your conversions skyrocket. 🙂

What is your market?

This post is a part of the basic category. If you are starting up your business you should know, what problem you are aiming to solve.

When you know which problem you are solving, it should be easy to figure out which customers would value having this problem solved the most.

Once you have prioritized which customers would find your solution most valuable, you are ready to start approaching them.

The most important thing to look at, when hiring sales people.

Hi People

The most important thing to look at when hiring sales people is their resumé. Personally you want to look for these 3 qualities when hiring sales people, and you want to figure out whether or not they get the no quickly as an integrated part of their sales process.

In this post I explain why you should be suspicious if the sales person you are interviewing, has a stellar record from the largest most successful companies, and why you will usually find top talent in the pool of salespeople who has worked at companies that are not successful.