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Persistency: The difference between the greats and the rest.

Have you ever thought about what differentiates great sales people from all other sales people?

The answer is that a lot of things differentiates them. I have already talked about some of them here but I haven’t mentioned the most important one before now.

Your ability to be pleasantly persistent and never let up in you pursuit to clarify how you can improve your potential customers business, is one of the key skills all great salespeople has. In this video I talk about why that is important.

The best way to increase sales productivity.

One of the common denominators of top 2% salespeople are their ability to have a significant higher level of activity.

If you believe that sales is very much about activity and not how good you research your leads, you are probably like me obsessing about how you can increase your own activity level.

This is one of the most efficient techniques I know to increase my output. It has worked both for myself and for the teams I have worked with.

Enjoy. 🙂

“The perfect cold call.” Part 4 of 4


So we have arrived at the end. After opening the call, establishing your value and building credibility around it, you need to get the meeting.

Most salespeople make one critical mistake when closing a call to secure the meeting, view the video to find out which. 🙂

“The perfect cold call.” Part 3 of 4

This is part 3 of breaking down the perfect cold call. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch episode 1 and episode 2 before continuing.

In the opening we got the customer to leave the task they were working on and initiating in a conversation with us.

This part of the call is all about making the person you talk to comfortable sharing information about their company, so you can clarify whether or not they can benefit from working with you.

“The perfect cold call.” Part 2 of 4

In this 2nd episode of the the perfect cold call we will look at the opening of the call.

This is the most critical part of the cold call. If you can’t sell the person you are calling to engage in a conversation with you within the first 5-10 second, it is over.

In this episode I will go through how I open the call myself. I will go through the techniques being used, and the theory behind them.

If you haven’t checked out Episode 1 of the perfect cold call, make sure to do it before you continue.

For questions, you know where to find me. 🙂

“The perfect cold call.” Part 1 of 4

Cold calling might be the most dreaded exercise in sales, but also one of the most valuable to master.

So how do you execute the perfect cold call? In the next 4 posts I will break down how you can execute the perfect cold call.

  1. Overview and the prerequisites.
  2. “The opening” – How do you open the conversation, and engage the prospect in conversation.
  3. “The Value” – How do you present to the prospect what you can do and establish credibility.
  4. “Close” – How do you make sure that you book the meeting.

In this episode I talk about the overall structure of the cold call, what your goal is with the call, and what prerequisites you need to have in place to execute it. You need to know what you can do for your customers and you need to know your target market before you begin.

Enjoy. 🙂

Research VS. Activity

So how much time is the right amount of time to spend researching, prospects you are going to contact?

I believe researching, sorting, talking about how to contact leads is the primary reason for procrastination in sales. It seems valid that you should know who you are talking to, what books the person likes, favorite movies etc. That can be used to engage in a meaningful conversation right?

The truth it that information like that can be used, the investment in gathering it compared to contacting more prospects just doesn’t make sense.

“Is cold calling really dead?”

I think that is a very interesting question. I don’t believe it is. As a matter a fact I believe that the business benefit from doing it has vastly increased over the last 5-10 years as Social selling has increased it’s presence.

If you know what value you bring to market and what customers that should be interesting for, I think the phone is by far the most efficient tool in starting up that conversation.

What do you think?

Why compensation models can destroy motivation

In this video I talk about the science of motivation. What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, and what happens when you combine the 2.

It turns out that they way most business try to motivate their employees, is counterproductive if the goal is to have super motivated, hardworking professionals in your company.

Let me know if you disagree. 🙂

“What is your price?”

How did you come up with the pricing of your product. In most companies it is a combination of validated guessing and belief.

I believe you should set your pricing based on the problem you are solving in the market where you solution is relevant. To do that you need customer input.

In this video I talk about why it is important to actually call customers in your target market before you do any marketing or product development.