“The perfect cold call.” Part 1 of 4

Cold calling might be the most dreaded exercise in sales, but also one of the most valuable to master.

So how do you execute the perfect cold call? In the next 4 posts I will break down how you can execute the perfect cold call.

  1. Overview and the prerequisites.
  2. “The opening” – How do you open the conversation, and engage the prospect in conversation.
  3. “The Value” – How do you present to the prospect what you can do and establish credibility.
  4. “Close” – How do you make sure that you book the meeting.

In this episode I talk about the overall structure of the cold call, what your goal is with the call, and what prerequisites you need to have in place to execute it. You need to know what you can do for your customers and you need to know your target market before you begin.

Enjoy. 🙂

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